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In an age where everyone thinks they are a dj What seperates them from Jay Tripwire? Having performed in over 200 cities around the globe and with thousands upon thousands of nights behind the decks Jay has performed at every type of nightclub, warehouse party, illegal street party,Radio station and lounge. His signature fusion of Detroit textures and intricate rhythms with a classic house touch has pushed him "ahead of everyone else," according to MUZIK magazine.

When Jay shows up armed with hundreds of personal re edits, promos, and unreleased tracks u know that one of his signature sets will be a heartfelt departure from the djs who don't spend the time to dig for the hidden gems. As an avid audiophile Jay personally remasters the music he plays and is a firm believer that a MP3 belongs in an IPOD not on a dancefloor.

The last decade of Jay Tripwire have sold 250,000 vinyl records and he has 100+ releases and remixes. His productions have been called "a DJ's dream packed with the finest tools from the trade" by URB, and that he's "responsible for some of the most exciting underground house music to come out of North America in recent years" by DJ Magazine.He even has bass patches on numerous synths named after him to emulate his signature bass.

Jay's productions have been featured on numerous commercially released mix CD's,notably from Cocoon, Fabric, Renaissance, Journeys by DJ, Ultra & Bedrock by many major artists, and is supported by a diverse spectrum of dance culture from house luminaries such as Doc Martin and Mark Farina to techno legends such as MR C and Laurent Garnier to progressive innovators as John Digweed and Danny Howells that illustrates Jays long term mass appeal amongst dj's and fans alike.

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