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Spin Science is the pseudonym for upcoming artist Ülar Aasmäe. Born in Estonia in 1984, Ülar was not always into music. It became his passion in the late nineties, when he discovered the beautiful sound and aura of Electronic Dance Music.

Throughout the years of discovering EDM, his taste and style evolved from Trance, to Deep and Tech-House. A major role in that evolution was played by local house gurus, Rulers of the Deep and Dave Storm, who influenced him by their fabulous radio shows on Estonian National Radio (Radio 2).

Ülar started creating music in 2004 while he was still into progressive trance. This era taught him the ropes of expressing himself musically, but his productions really took off when his bootleg mix of Vibe Residents feat. Dragonfly Djs Calling was made. After hearing it in one of ROTDs radio shows, he realized that house music is the genre that truly touches his soul.

After many more months of hard work, his dedication finally paid off when his first ever EP, Fill Your Soul, was signed for a release on Dave Storms own Cabrio Records in 2006. After the first EP, the production has been really continuous and the list of labels he is involved with tops with the names like Urbantorque, Global Underground and Plastic City. Spin Science productions are regularly released on Estonia’s Cabrio and JULM Recordings as well.

In addition to being a producers with rather impressive discography already, Spin Science has been rocking the dancefloors all over the world. House music fans from Georgia to Dubai have all witnessed the selection by Spin Science. With rising popularity all over the world, Spin Science will be the known name in the business for long time to come.

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