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"If acid house took Kano in the backroom, beat up the two Italians, took the black guy, hopped a plane to minneapolis, kidnapped Prince, made those two do it until a baby popped out, then slapped the baby in the ass with a 303(TB, not groovebox!!!!), then sampled the baby crying. That would pretty much approximate my deejay style."

Sleazy McQueen provides an outlet for his culturally-confused funked-up house sound. In April of 2007, Sleazy relocated to central Florida to assume a position for the renowned Eighth Dimension/EIGHT-TRACKS music group as Head Office Lacky.

His record bag has found occasion to travel to Chicago, New York, Tokyo, Florence, and London, and has allowed him several tours of California. His computer and keyboards have signed releases on Icon Recordings, EIGHT-TRACKS, Morris Audio, Bananza Records and Chillin Music, among others. He also heads up the Brooklyn based band, Tres Gueros, a supergroup of sorts with releases forthcoming on a number of fine labels.

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