ross couch
aka system check

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With a seemingly insatiable appetite for producing quality dance music and an ability to switch effortlessly between the scenes numerous genres twenty nine year old Ross Couch has become an established and highly respected producer in recent years with dozens of releases and remixes on an impressive list of labels.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, a long recognised hotspot within the dance music community, it's little wonder that Ross became seduced by the rapidly evolving sound of house and techno in the early 90's, and quickly became involved in producing his own material. His productions first materialised on the Bellboy and Panther labels in 2001-2002 with a difficult to pigeonhole brand of dance-floor techno and melodic tech house which had him being compared in the press to numerous dance music luminaries such as Deep Dish, Dave Angel, Slam and Ron Trent to name but a few. 

From their Ross stepped up a gear, pushing a more house based sound drawing from deeper and funkier styles whilst still retaining the drive and energy of his techno productions. This helped secure releases on a series of highly regarded labels such as Siesta, Kinky Vinyl and Red Melon and widespread DJ support.  Around 2005 Ross began to develop close ties with the Bargrooves empire (now owned by Defected) releasing several 12" releases and remixes across their series of labels, as well as appearances on many of their popular mix CD's and even engineering several of them.

In 2007, after several years of releasing on other labels and with digital stores taking a hold of the market Ross took the next logical step and began releasing music through his own Body Rhythm label.  The past year has seen a constant output of quality releases winning a loyal fan base, regular support from DJ’s like Laurent Garnier and top 10 sales chart placings on many of the leading Digital Download sites.  With a new sub-label Body Rhythm Black now launched and several exciting releases in the pipeline is safe to say that you’ll be hearing a lot more from this in-demand producer in the future.

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