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Michael got in touch with electronic music in the early days. In his young years his father listened to a lot of Jazz / Motown stuff and even electronic music. Inspired by all these influences and the new so called House and Techno music, Michael soon began to collect records and to spin these tunes out at the local clubs.

The scene in Switzerland grew fast in the early 90's. A bit bored by the sounds that were released, Michael soon bought his own equipment and tried to get those deep and catchy beats done by himself.

Replika is producing for quite a while now, he is not restricted to a certain style. Uplifiting tunes with warm, deep athmospheres he likes the most. Replika got signed to some of the finest underground labels like Conya, Kolour, Pesto, Chillin Music, Headtunes - just to name a few. So stay tuned - this is true "21th century Moody-Techhouse"

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