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I think it's time we stop and say; "Hey, what's that sound? Everybody look what's going down!"

They say that life is like a game of cards, that these days the musical contest seems to be anyone's game. With the pack typically filled with more than one joker, it can be hard to separate the diamonds from the spades.

Enter Ricardo Rae: prolific house producer, beat creator, side stepper, snare taker, melody romper, vocal presenter and undeniably one of a kind. An affluent purveyor of fine sounds and an astute creator of delicate beats, one that defies repetition and upholds creativity and diversity at all times.

2006 was an inspiring year for Ricardo. Not only did he attract the attention of many house heavyweights with his clean and layered production, but his inaugural year to the international house scene was accompanied by a slew of international releases, including remixes from key house producers.

"Hold On" on Tango recordings provided crowds with a taste of what was to come, filled with addictive riffs, distinct jackin sounds with remix duties fulfilled by the ubiquitous Chuck Love. His where the Love Goes EP that featured angelic, yet seductive vocalist Alyson Joyce, was signed to the well-regarded Aroma label, recieving international acclaim.

Ricardo's success was soon cemented with the release of his Serial Thriller EP on DJ Mes's label, Guesthouse Music, with tracks rich with pulsating bass lines, ruff beats and breakdowns that seem to enable his tracks to simply turn, and embark on a new and enticing journey at the end of an 8-bar.

Ricardo remains first and foremost a musician; a classically trained pianist from the age of four and a graduate of Queensland's most prestigious institution of musical study, The Queensland Conservatorium of music. His musical talent also expands beyond the call of ebony and ivory. His abilities; including being an accomplished vocalist, songwriter, producer and engineer are all comfortably positioned in his lengthy and consummate resume.

Ricardo's music embodies the distinctive sounds of Chicago, providing a fresh and innovating approach to the already brilliant Royal Flush contingent. His appreciation and humility has given him a firm foundation into the house scene and his enthusiasm and dedication have provided him with a formidable drive to succeed.

Never one to remain complacent, Ricardo has also directed his energies to refining his turntable skills even further, developing a savvy and individual style that has seen him admired and awed by fellow deck compatriots. His three-deck mixing technique is engrained into his typical agenda of DJ trickery, combining delicate EQ tweaking and subtle level changes, amid a full house crowd that is left salivating for more.

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