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Pint Size a.k.a. Neil Martin has been writing and producing music under various aliases since the early 1990’s. Neil is currently working under the names Suspect (Funky Breakbeat, Hip Hop and Mashups) and Pint Size (Urban House Music). Neil has been using the name Suspect since 1994 and has previously been featured in Computer Music magazine (”One of our favourite drum ‘n’ bass entries so far”) and it’s Spanish sister magazine. Neil’s Suspect alter-ego has also won various awards including BT getouthere’s ‘Best Jazz/Funk/Hip Hop’ and has topped MTV’s undiscovered chart with 3 different tracks. Neil’s Pint Size alter-ego is currently working with One Thirty Recordings (USA), Infinite 420 Recordings (Canada) and Revolucion Records (UK). Neil has also been DJing since the early 1990’s (originally in Southampton in the as part of the Equal Posse, where he used to DJ and MC under the name ‘Melo-D’) and currently plays sets that mainly consist of Breakbeat, Mashups, Hip Hop, Funk and Funky House. Look for "Island Sunset" 130-D016 with remixes by Da Sunlounge, Sleazy Mcqueen and emil lanne out 10/24/07.

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