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Not a big fan of talking bout myself in the 3rd person so Ill just put a few facts up here Who are u? I am Frank Solano, and I DJ and produce House Music. How did I get into House music? I Grew up in Chicago and was exposed to House music at an early age. You see when I was a little kid, my older sister used to make me record the Hot Mix 5 live mix shows on 102.7 fm WBMX every weekend. Naturally I became a big fan, just like most people in Chicago at that time. When did u start playing records? Got my first set of Technics when I was 14. Me and some friends from the neighborhood all chipped in and bought some used decks which we would rotate weekly. I was still to young to go record shopping so I would ask my older sister to drive me to the local record store. I stopped playing for a few years, but picked it back up when I was 22. When did u start playing in nightclubs? In college I met some great friends, Jon Huang, and Chris Santiago and we started throwing parties on campus. We had a nice following so we started Xess Entertainment with a few others and started throwing parties in nightclubs. We did weekly events at Transit, Big Wig and Fridays at Zentra over the span of 4 years. Due to financial struggles within Xess Entertainment, Chris Frank and Jon dropped from the crew and became House Arrest Events, and continued throwing their Friday night weekly at Zentra which still exists today. Problems with management at Zentra resulted in me leaving my home of 4 years and to join highly respected House music promoters Music101. Currently I am assisting in booking quality underground artists at such venues as The legendary 15 years strong Boom Boom Room, and at Vain Nightclub, and also webmaster of which is a website dedicated to streaming live sets of music101 events, and artists. Where can I hear you play? Currently I am resident DJ at Vain Nightclub every Friday, so feel free to stop by or to hit me up for guestlist. You can also catch me doing guest spots here and there. What do you have planned for the future? Still doing my thing hopefully. I also recently started working on production so be on the lookout for original music some time in the near future.

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