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Born in Yerevan, Armenia - Garry Mkrtchyan aka Fabien Kamb produces deep/tech house music. Starting with his debut EP “Indigo/Samurai” on Body Rhythm Records (Ross Couch's label), Fabien has gained support by the likes of: Laurent Garnier, Shur-i-Kan, Da Funk, Scope (Ric Mclelland), Lukas Greenberg, Latenta Project, Richard Earnshaw (Spiritchaser) and others.

Garry has been involved in music production and djing since 1998 – Garry “Spectrum” Mkrtchyan working in cooperation with Ashot Babayan, has numerous releases under his belt appearing as Mad and Spectral, Salt Sweet.

Fabien Kamb has signed upcoming eps to Deep Class, OneThirty and Body Rhyhm Black as well as remixes for Elevation Records, The Disclosure Project Records, Body Rhythm and Low Flow Records.

With a remarkable standpoint concerning the ever-evolving house music trends and a sense of self confidence, Fabien Kamb has all of the necessary tools and skills to pump out some great music!

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