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When two talented forces come together unifying their knowledge of everything music – something special happens; enter Cates&dpL. With backgrounds in the industry as both musicians and as tour management, Jon Cates and David Lind have grown and developed together to push the envelope with their unique sound.

Cates&dpL have been noted for their musicianship since they started in 2003, and over the past five years they have matured alongside their musical techniques and devices. Not wanting to sound like every other electronic act, they have put more attention on being a team rather than solo artists. This effort stands out in their carefully crafted music, and they gain influence from one another every day…giving each track they produce its own character and feeling.

When considering what would be the best for their newest recording effort (whichwill actually be their third studio album), Jon and Dave were determined to present their new material to the public in a way that shows the real side of their artistry, a side that displays true musicianship.

Although many people would consider them newbies, Cates&dpL have been achieving success since day one. Triumphs for the duo have put them in coveted spots including 1 placement on Beatport’s Breaks Downloads, a feature on James Zabiela’s DJ Mag covermount CD, as well as a feature on the Global Underground Paris compilation – mixed by Nick Warren. These successes have only pushed the two harder.

Be sure to find out what they’re all about early 2009 – when Om presents their full-length album – “Through The Weekend.” be continued…

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