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It is a challenge to sum up Bang Bang in a sentence or paragraph. The facets of their individual sound, message and ultimate soul are vast and endless. Each beat, melody, vocal and sound have a personality fueled by the passion of the band.

The Bang Bang live performance enhances and illuminates the contagious funk portrayed in all their tracks.

Live bass and keys, male and female vocals and a DJ.
Matt Prehn Producer Co Composer DJ Wanted for Indecent beat exposure while under the influence of Funk.
Matthew Loots Producer Co Composer Bassist Keys Warning : Basslines may contain explicitly Funky content!
Ruegroove Lyricist Vocalist Front Man R.I.P, This boy brings hooks from Heaven.
Enkay Vocalist Co Lyricist Performer Aka Temptress tying you up and teazing your Soul.

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