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Throughout his fifteen-year career in dance music, Asad Rizvi has maintained the uncommon position of being a DJ and a producer who is respected equally in both crafts. But this is no fluke: years of hard work, an unbending dedication to his art, and an uncommonly versatile talent have yielded a career that only few can boast. His distinctive sound has consistently won him support from the industry’s leading music publications and Dj’s alike.

Since his debut release back in 1995 (with Ian O’Brien), Asad’s contribution to under- ground dance music has been second to none. With well over 100 releases and remixes to his name, his recordings have gained a reputation for their diversity, warm production and dynamic, be it on the dance-floor or off. The broad-minded aesthetic of his music is clearly reflective of early years spent in an assortment of countries and a musical backdrop that was no less colorful. His taste for musical creation was developed on school and college recording facilities from the age of 13 onwards. The combination of musical theory, technical knowledge and an early exposure to the workings of music industry gave him an edge that has since been developing leaps and bounds in every sense. Effortlessly capable of creating anything from lush Brazilian-influenced vocal melodies to spine-chill- ing electro basslines or Chicago inspired jacking beats to blissed-out down-tempo backing sections, Asad is more than your average producer. He has music and rhythms running through his veins.

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