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Sydney brings the deep tekky vibes to Onethirty. Born in Australia and based in Italy, Sydney has come a long way over the past 10 years. His production skills have lead him to sign up with some of the worlds best labels and play in clubs world wide. In these last years, Sydney has played in the UK, Italy, USA, Slovenia, Croatia, Brasil, Czech Republic, Australia, Poland, Georgia, Turkey, Spain and many more….

He has his Tokyo Red recordings weekly show on the worlds leading dance music radio station 'Ibiza Global Radio' every Saturday evening from 23.00 till 00.00. Sydney is also the label manager of Tokyo Red recordings, a label focused on deep techy underground music that has been supported by artists such as The Timewriter, Sebastian Davidson, Hector Couto, Miguel Garij, Murray Richardson, Miguel Migs, Nacho Marco, Rennie Foster, Satoshi Fumi, to mention a few!

130 D065 - onethirty recordings