Jevne feat:
robert owens

like now

  1. Jevne feat: robert owens - like now
  2. Jevne feat: robert owens - like now - andreas saag remix
  3. Jevne feat: robert owens - like now - steve mill remix
  4. Jevne feat: robert owens - like now - andreas saag stripped remix
  5. Jevne feat: robert owens - like now - andreas saag instrumental remix
  6. Jevne feat: robert owens - like now - andreas saag stripped instrumental remix
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Stalwart Minneapolis based house music label Onethirty Recordings leaps into the new year with perhaps its most anticipated release yet. On “Like Now,” label honcho Jevne collaborates with celebrated house music vocalist Robert Owens for an epic and uplifting piece of deep, vocal tech house. Jevne’s been busy with DJ travels and a recurring extended residency in the Florida Keys but has found the time to create recordings and remixes for his own label as well as Urban Torque, Shifted, and Klassic Fiasco. Robert Owens is, of course, Robert Owens, with the “I’ll Be Your Friend” vocalist recently collaborating with the likes of Freaks, Atjazz, Coldcut, and Ralf Gum. Jevne joins this esteemed roster with his flowing, late night production that’s propelled by a warm sub bass, crisp drum patterns, and hypnotic bell-like synth rhythms. Owens’ impeccable vocal performance is the tastiest icing on the cake, riding the music with layered harmonies and emotive phrases. It’s trademark Robert Owens all the way.

The package comes with a trio of top notch remixes from two quickly rising house music talents. Scandinavian producer Andeas Saag (Freerange, Z Records, Room With A View) hits first with a pair of stellar reworks that take “Like Now” into uncharted territory. His first mix draws from classic house music sounds with its chord stabs and skippy four-on-the-floor, confidently building with the vocal into some solid floor action. Saag’s accompanying Stripped Remix places Owens’ vocal squarely on the rhythm section as the bass line creates the main drive. This is some dark, after hours basement material, for sure. The next remixer is the Greece-based Steve Mill (Global Underground, Elevation, Plastic City) who firmly sets Robert Owens against a building, dynamic house music backdrop that should get more than few hands in the air. FIlled with drama, Mill’s mix soars to its climax, giving Owens room to show off his vocal chops in some masterful breakdown sections. Finally, instrumentals to both of Saag’s remixes are also included, completing yet another superstar package from Onethirty Recordings.

130 D062 - onethirty recordings