various artists

well rounded vol one

  1. J&m brothers
  2. Javi lopez
    the move
  3. hakan lidbo
    we are not yet alive
  4. metodi hristov
    living In a different world
  5. t. ruggieri & david urbinati
    behind the curtain
  6. roni be
    lost and found
  7. asad rizvi
    faid dinkum
  8. metodi hristov
    way out of here
  9. soul factory
    another wau
  10. Jevne
    between gravity

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Onethirty collects a stelar selection of tracks for the labels new various artists "Well Rounded" series. "Well Rounded VOL ONE" includes tracks from some veteran Onethirty artists like ASAD RIZVI, JEVNE, Soul Factory (AKA EDMUND), J&M BROTHERS and JAVI LOPEZ, all of whom bring there solid style and sound to this compilation!

Always searching for new artists, Onethirty finds METODI HRISTOV, his 2 tracks are stand outs on the compilation with "Living in a Different World" a deep bass heavy tek roller in the vein of Karol XVII and MB Valence. Metodi also adds "Way out of Here" a funky upbeat house jam for the prime times! New comer RONI BE adds "Lost and Found" to the mix a cut in the vein of Javi lopez. and T. RUGGIERI & DAVID URBINATI supply "Behind the Curtain" a groovy minimal tribal work out.

Included in the comp is accomplished producer HAKAN LIDBO who has released music for labels like (Poker Flat, Soundz, Big Mama and Manuscript). Hakan's contribution is a downbeat deep creeper called "We Are Not Yet Alive"

Look for all these great artists to be a part of Onethirty in the future, and look out for Well Rounded VOL Two!

130 D044 - onethirty recordings