atnarko & Jevne

onethirty mixed 002

  1. hipp-e
    sweet sticky
  2. fabien kamb
    loco 88 - christian malloni remix
  3. chuck love
  4. Javi lopez
    look what - asad rizvi remix
  5. onur ozman
    hold on
  6. leo portela
    all about love - elastic sound remix
  7. J&m brothers
  8. Javi lopez
  9. scope
    glow - Jevne remix
  10. karol xvii & mb valence
    house me
  11. spin science
    grissoms science - dale howard remix
  12. weather pending
    perfect weather - 312 remix
  13. lumiere & luhabra
    life - Jay tripwire remix
  14. atnarko & Jevne
    get on down - roberto rodriguez remix
  15. Jevne
    bass outro

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Onethirty recordings supplies you a taste of the labels sounds with "Onethirty Mixed 002". Mixed by Atnarko (Orlando, Eight Trax, Lazy Dayz, Night Shift, Rob Soul, Onethirty) and Label head Jevne (Onethirty, Urban Torque, Shifted, Soulman, Conya) adds his signature live bass guitar to the mix! The mix is a selection of tracks from present and future releases, including music by: Roberto Rodiguez, Hipp-E, Chuck Love, Scope, Asad Rizvi, Onur Ozman, Karol XVII & MB Valance, Weather Pending and more!

Atnarko & Jevne will support this release with tour dates where they will both be mixing and Jevne will add his signature live 6 sting bass sounds!

Onethirty turns 50 with this release! Launching back on 2004 and releasing 7 vinyl EPs before turing all digital. The label has become very respected worldwide by DJS, producers and music lovers alike! Onethirty swirls in deep house, tech-house, funky and progressive vibes, always flourishing and flowing with the current sounds of house. The label is home to artists: Chuck Love, Scope, Hipp-E, Leo & Ronan Portela, Jay-J, Shur-i-Kan, Soul Minority, Karol XVII & MB Valance, Jay Tripwire, Office Gossip, Ross Couch, Johnny Fiasco and many many more! Always striving to find and release quality music Onethirty will continue to be a solid label in the world of house music!

130 D042 - onethirty recordings