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minneapolis coming at ya

  1. minneapolis coming at ya
  2. minneapolis coming at ya
    muppet mix
  3. minneapolis coming at ya
  4. minneapolis coming at ya
    edmund's deep remix
  5. minneapolis coming at ya
    edmund ft. oscar prieto the blax remix
  6. minneapolis coming at ya
    nate laurence remix
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Minneapolis Coming at YA! Chuck Love brings the funk! Plus a tekky number called "Seduction" Sure to win over all house fans! Nate Laurence and Edmund take over for the remix duties from ACID Jack to DEEP! Chuck's been a staple of Onethirty since the beginning starting with his remix of "Feel this Groove" by Jevne & Fourfeet, followed by "The Yellow Truth" and later the remixes!

Hailing from the US, Chuck Love embeds & spreads his unique brand of high energy, Dance Music, around the globe; raising rooftops, smoldering subwoofers and packing dancefloors. Known for his signature “Live DJ/Video” set, Chuck pulls triple duty as the DJ, a Vocalist and a Multi-Instrumentalist. The result: a ridiculous mix with some slamming, ‘on-the-fly-produced’ tracks showcased within the set. In 2010, Chuck launched his label, LOVE NETWORK, and has teamed up with Colette for the first release - UR EVERYTHING (with Remixes by Santiago & Bushido). His productions range from downtempo to minimal electronica to head-bopping 4/4 house - all infused with his signature soulful, jazzy flavor influenced by his Minneapolis roots. You can find his releases on Love Network, OM, Great Lakes Audio, Shifted Music, Salted, Onethirty, Celebrity, Lingo, Large and Tango.

Edmund (Connected Musik, Onethirty, Deep Class, Grouper, Conya, Mimosa & Many more) is no stranger to Onethirty he has produced originals and done remixes for the label for years now! He takes MPLS Coming at ya and twists 2 mixes of pure deep house delight! 1st his "Deep" Mix is a driving loopy ride with a tough edge great for prime bumpin times! his 2nd version comes deep and soulful featuring oscar Prieto playing horns and xylophone taking the track on a winding linear solo based vibe! great for early mornings or pool side relaxing! Nate Laurence (Spatula City, Control, Funkfield, Guesthouse) is the triple threat: veteran DJ since 1995, prolific producer, and even-coordinator. All roles blend to concoct one of THE freshest talents in the new-school underground house music scene today. Jackin master of the moment Nate takes MPLS coming at ya and twists in some ACID to jack it up and throw the funk down!

Also keep an eye out for "Seduction" Remixes out later in 2010

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