close your eyes

  1. close your eyes
  2. close your eyes
    the dirty deep mix
  3. close your eyes
    soul minority remix
  4. close your eyes
    Joshua iz remix
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Onethirty Recordings bounces forward with a huge release from Orlando's house music maestro Atnarko and his enticingly deep statement "Close Your Eyes." This cool cut blasts your senses with a touch of tech-house flowing to your ears, a pulsating bass line causing your head to snap to its rhythm, thoughtfully layered synth work, and breathy whispered vocals beckoning all to the dance floor. Atnarko, known for recent top releases and remixes for EIGHT-TRACKS, Lazy Days, Kolour, and Robsoul also supplies an outstandingly effective Dirty Deep Version which aims to fulfill a DJ's peak time needs. Mission accomplished.

These two tracks alone would make for a quality EP but Onethirty decides to pack their deck with a pair of top notch remixers. First up comes Soul Minority (Kolour, Raw Cutz, Elevation) providing the deepest of deep versions with a signature hypnotic mix of solid beats, throbbing synths, and heavenly vocal lines. Next up the legendary Joshua Iz (Vizual, Classic), a true veteran of the Chicago/San Francisco house nexus, catapults "Close Your Eyes" to another level. It's a textured ride complete with a steady, dance floor inspiring build and spacey synths tripping things out on top. Brilliant bits all around.

Cover art is by So-Gnar ( out of Denver, CO who have been recently supplying their unique visual interpretations to Onethirty's releases.

Forthcoming on Onethirty will be Onethirty MIXED 002 featuring Atnarko mixing the label's catalog. The mix will include Onethirty founder Jevne adding extra low end business on bass guitar. There will be a tour to follow featuring Atnarko & Jevne live ... look for the mix and tour dates to appear later this summer and fall.

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