onur ozman

not enough

  1. not enough
  2. runo
  3. not enough
    davidson ospina remix
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Onethirty Recordings presents the Not Enough EP, its debut single from Turkish producer Onur Ozman who you last heard remixing the label's previous release from Javi Lopez. Recording works for labels such as Rebirth, Night Drive, and Pesto, Ozman's deep, techy sound has raised attention over the 25 EPs and remixes he's released in a short span of time. Here we find a pair of choice cuts deliciously developing Ozman's deep tech house sound. "Not Enough" is filled with sparkle and action, ebbing and flowing dancefloor energy through bouncing keys, arpeggios, and tricked-out vocal samples. "Runo" pulsates with a rolling bass line, squelchy synths, and deep vocal mutterings. These cuts would be enough for many a DJ's virtual bag, but the EP adds the bonus of Davidson Ospina (Ospina Digital) to the package. Ospina brings a mooody NYC house music feel to his remix combining a hypnotic, understated rhythm and a prominent bassline underneath muted but melodic chord stabs. It's a dubby wonder well-suited for late night club sets. With Onur Ozman's Not Enough EP Onethirty bats one out of the park again!

130 D038 - onethirty recordings