lumiere & luhabra


  1. life
  2. life - Jay tripwire remix
  3. nothing
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Burrowing deep in to the reaches of Eastern Europe Onethirty Recordings has uncovered Lumiere and Luhabra. Consisting of Peter Braun (Nightphunk Recordings) and Lumir Kiesewetter from Prague as well as Slovakia-based Martin Haberland, their combined production efforts make up a stellar deep house release with techy overtones. "Life" is an intelligent ride with tasteful peak moments that work well for the dance floors. Meanwhile, "Nothing" compliments "Life" very nicely with a bit of a darker vibe as a good crossover from tech-house to progressive sets. All three fellas are long time solid DJ's on the eastern European scene and are ready to branch out worldwide with this solid release.

Jay Tripwire, previously found on Onethirty via his Silent Sermon EP collaboration with Matthew Bandy, is on hand for a superb remix of "Life". Jay expectedly goes way deep on his mix pulling subtle elements from the original and maximizing the sub in the low end. This effort is further evidence of Tripwire's acclaimed quality that has moved DJ Magazine to crow that he's "responsible for some of the most exciting underground house music to come out of North America in recent years". Jay's even had patches on numerous synths named after him to emulate his signature bass.

130 D033 - onethirty recordings