onethirty mixed 001

  1. leo portela
    step aside
  2. edmund
    walking to the show - emil lanne remix
  3. bang bang
    in the bowl - Jevne remix
  4. ronan
    take me back
  5. c-soul
    oh so - jevne remix
  6. emil lanne
    beat street - ross couch remix
  7. matthew bandy & Jay tripwire
    the message - jevne remix
  8. ronan
    take me back - shur-i-kan remix
  9. ross couch
    rising up - christian malloni remix
  10. tony mendez
  11. sceneheadz
    scruffy mcriggin - Jevne remix
  12. emil lanne
    a rhythmic foundation - leo portela remix
  13. emil lanne
    cmon geduppa
  14. chuck love
    yellow truth - random soul remix
  15. leo portela
    get in the action - aleksandar markovic remix

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Onethirty is proud to present the long awaited first continuous dj mix/ compilation, mixed and compiled by label head Jevne. The continuous mix includes some of Onethirty's best selling tracks, a selection of Jevne remixes and some of Onethirty's favorites from the last 4 years! This mix is a milestone for label and it's 30th release!

About Jevne : Jevne found his love for dance music back in the late 80's going to rave events in Minneapolis. His passion for the music later led him to pick up djing in Colorado in 93 where he played numerous events.He relocated back to Minneapolis in 98 where he became the buyer and manager of Let it Be Records, a highly respected shop to may top djs. While managing Let it Be & djing consistently around the Twin Cities & Mid West Jevne began producing music, and in 2004 he started Onethirty Recordings. His production has appeared on many labels like: Aphrodisio, Conya, Coastline, Chillin, Revival, Tangiable and many more. His tracks have been remixed by the talents of Chuck Love, Tony Thomas, Fred Everything, Manuel Tur, Justin Martin to name a few. In the past 3 years Jevne has traveled the world over playing live bass guitar along with his Dj sets. His love for music has brought him to parts of South America, Europe, Canada and all over the United States for gigs! Keep your eye on Jevne & Onethirty Recordings!

130 D033 - onethirty recordings