chuck love

yellow truth remixes

  1. yellow truth -
    random soul's acid wash remix
  2. yellow truth - atnarko remix
  3. yellow truth -
    ricardo rae's lost in translation remix
  4. yellow truth -
    ricardo rae's rush hour 2 remix
  5. yellow truth - ion remix
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Check out these massive remixes of Chuck Love's "Yellow Truth! Chuck Love has taken the house music wold by storm over the last few years and has produced records for many amazing labels from OM to Salted. Back in 2005 Onethirty released "yellow truth" this release went on to be one of Onethirty best selling releases. So it was tiem for a round of remixes from some of todays hottest producers! The mixes include: Random Soul (aka Yogi & Husky) (Salted, Shifted), Atnarko (Eight Trax, Tango, Night Shift, Low Down), ION (Aroma, Tango) and Ricardo Rae (Tango). All the mixes have there own vibe and feel taken from the original! There is already major support from some of the best djs around including Mark Farina ! Atnarko's remix is included on Mark Farina's new Fabric mix CD Compilation due out in May 08!

130 D033 - onethirty recordings