pint size

island sunset

  1. island sunset - orginal
  2. island sunset - da sunlounge remix
  3. island sunset - sleazy mcqueen remix
  4. deep down - original
  5. deep down - emil lanne remix
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Pint Size Brings 2 smooth yet funky tracks to Onethirty, with diverse remixes from Da Sunlounge, Sleazy Mcqueen and Emil Lanne, There is something for everyone here! A New comer to the house music world but guaranteed to be heard Pint Size delivers with funky beats smooth pads and deep bass lines! Sure to be played by many djs. Dasunlounge lays a remix down in his funky signature style this one will go in to any Da Sunlounge fans playlist! Another New comer Emil Lanne remixes "Deep Down" A driving house winner that has a big room feel! Look out for his debue release on Onethirty Later this year. Emil is gonna be laying down some dope tracks to come! And last but not least is Sleazy Mcqueen's remix that takes the sound in to a deeper teky realm. Sleazster has had recent success on Pilot, Eight Traxx and Greenhouse!

130 D033 - onethirty recordings