bandy & tripwire

silent sermon ep

  1. the message - orginal
  2. the message - Jevne's ramp it up remix
  3. donuts - original
  4. down in the world - original
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Matthew Bandy & Jay Tripwire need no introduction! They have both separately release music on numerous labels such as, Tango, Limestone, Vista, Seasons, Nordic Trax, Swank, LowDown , Northern Lights, Night Shift, LHB, Swag, Worship and many more. They join forces to make 3 tracks that are tru winners. if you can imagine Matthew's deep soulful vibe and Jay's deep teky-tribal sounds then you have an idea of what the tracks are like. I truly unique collaboration.

Jay Tripwire is celebrating over 50 releases with over a hundred thousand records sold on some of the finest labels underground house music has to offer, with his music featured on commercially released mix CD's by artists such as Slam, Nick Warren & Danny Howells, Chris Fortier,George Morel,Tyler Stadius, Onionz & Joeski, and charted by everyone from John Digweed to Terry Francis to Fred Everything, Jay's music has a vast range of appeal, crossing the boundaries between deep house and tech house, even pulling progressive DJ's into playing house.

Matthew Bandy (1 half of the "Deep House Souldiers") The Deep House Souldier's have released some amazing music and , "This is Why We Dance," on Matthews own Limestone Recordings was licensed to Ben Watt's "Buzzin' Fly" mix CD. Later that year Limestone Recordings was also mentioned in Urb's 2004 "Next 100." Now having released solo and collaborative work on various labels such as Vista, Seasons Recordings, Nordic Trax, Swank Records, LowDown Music and Blue Iguana amongst others, Bandy has taken the time to collaborate with producers such as Jay Tripwire, Jake Childs, Rick Preston, Matt Shrewd, and Chez Damier. Today his music is showing up on compilations in Japan, Croatia, England, Ibiza, Canada, the US, and various other countries around the world

Jevne (Onethirty, Chillin, Aphrodisio, Bio Hazzard, Knob, Kolour) Takes "The Massage" and "Ramps it up" to another level. with a Pumpin vibe, rollin sub bass and an addition of snappy rhodes work by Jeff Victor the track is being played by some great djs from Joey Youngman to Rob Gregga of OM.

130 D033 - onethirty recordings