aaron roberts

soul it as funk

  1. soul it as funk - orginal
  2. soul it as funk -
    scud bloom's "dub" remix
  3. soul it as funk -
    scud bloom's "velcro" remix
  4. soul it as funk -
    Jevne's "take the ride" remix
  5. soul it as funk - spur remix
  6. buy the release here:
    • beatport.com
    • stompy.com
    • traxsource.com

Aaron Roberts (Grab, Photo, Onethirty) join’s the Onethirty family with his minimal funk style. In line with the bumpy Chicago jack sound, Joey Youngman, Tango, Control, and all that jazz. Aaron has had great releases out on Grab and Photo Records, and has another follow up release to “Soul It As Funk” on Onethirty coming later this year. He also remixed the Sceneheadz “Hokedum Village” for Onethirty Digital 009.

Scud Bloom joins the Onethirty remix team with 2 mixes of “Soul it as Funk”. His “Dub” mix is on the same plane as the labels and artists mentioned above. His second mix is a nice little garage/acid vibe, being played by Brian Jones, Justin Martin and Rob Gregga.

The release includes 2 more mixes, first from Spur one of the main Onethirty artists/ remixers! His mix is a sure way to tek-house heaven! Next Jevne remixes up “Soul It” for a new tribal twist on the cut, with sub rumble and echoing vocals this mix takes the original up a notch! Don’t miss any of these mixes!!!!

130 D033 - onethirty recordings