Jevne & spur

the houn rockers ep

  1. something inside -
    Jevne's "funky fingers" mix
  2. something inside -
    spur's "spur of the moment" mix
  3. down together -
    Jevne's "mixy mix" mix
  4. soul it as funk -
    spur's "spurfect" mix
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Jevne & Spur return to onethirty working together to make 4 funky tech bump jams. Jevne, in the midst of a killer year of touring playing live bass while djing lays his mixes down. Both very funky and bass line lead are sure winners for the funky house crews all everywhere. With gigs all over the US, releases, remixes coming out on Chillin, Knob, Bio Hazzard and Onethirty watch out for him!! Spur as well is having an amazing 2007 with releases on Celebrity records with Chuck Love and Diskoteck records, spur’s production is not to be missed. He also has a remix coming out on Onethirty very soon of Aaron Roberts “Soul it as funk”, sure to be played by many.

130 D033 - onethirty recordings