1. funklamentary
  2. funklamentary -
    Jevne's "Onethirty" remix
  3. funklamentary -
    Jevne's "play that bass" remix
  4. funklamentary -
    funklaspur "down2buisness" remix
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Onethrty’s new artist Spur comes out with an amazingly funky track called “Funklamentary” A smooth flowing cut with sultry horns, funky James Brown type vocal snippets and thick bass lines. If you think in the realm of Tango, Nightshift, Greyhound or Rique then this track is for you. Along with the original comes 3 remixes! First up Spur comes with the “Down2Buisness” remix where he takes the track to the next level of funk and bounce, that would fit in with any tracks by Joey Youngaman or Troydon. Next up Jevne Takes Funklamentry and does 2 mixes that you can’t miss. First his Onethirty mix is a prime time tribal rocker that will jams along side tracks by Chus / Stereo Records or David Penn, A seriously slamin mix! Jevne lays down his “PlayThatBass” Remix witch styles more of a broken beat feel and funky ass bass guitar playing. Great for the early hours of the night! All mixes work for different settings, it’s worth it to grab um all!

130 D033 - onethirty recordings