Jevne feat: fourfeet

take my time

  1. take my time
  2. take my time - rhodes dub
  3. take my time - Justin martin remix
  4. take my time - fourfeet remix
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Jevne and fourfeet (OM, Salted) return for another round on Onethirty. Following up the success of “Feel This Groove” the first Onethirty Digital release that was remixed by Chuck Love, Roomsa and Bryan Gerrard. ‘”Take My Time” flows with a pumping rhythm, solid tribal percussion, organ stabs and chords and smooth vocals by fourfeet. The original vocal mix is a prime time winner not to be missed. The Rhodes dub brings to life some of the finer elements of the original and adds a great rhodes solo by Jeff Victor. A great mix for house dj across the board. Justin Martin (OM, Buzz n Fly, Utensil, Dirty Bird) reworks “Take My Time” in to another world. His chopping, pitch shifting and stuttering of the vocals make the remix a truly memorable jam. Justin lays some solid grooves down bringing the acid and organ undertones to the top the mix that has an subtile electro house vibe going on! If you liked his remix of Collette’s “Didn’t mean to Turn You On” on OM then you will get doew to this remix as well. Lastly Fourfeet take a deeper more minimal approach to the original great for the early hours or late night vibes. A great mix to round off the release.

130 D033 - onethirty recordings