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yellow truth

  1. yellow truth
  2. yellow truth - Jevne remix
  3. hidden message
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Onethirty is proud to present “Yellow Truth” by rising star Chuck Love! With his releases last year on OM, Salted, Vista, Fetish, Tango and Onethirty Digital Chuck puts 2 funky ass bumpy tracks down for Onethirty. The Release also includes a funky tribal remix by Jevne! Chuck Love and Jevne play Fridays together at “The Lounge Club” In Minneapolis where you can find Chuck is playing a multitude of instruments from the pocket trumpet, guitar, flute, percussion and vocals while Jevne plays live bass guitar and djs. The night is one of the best in the city, where the true music lovers come out every week.

“Yellow Truth” comes out styling a minimal teky groove with sharp percussion and killer deep bass drops. Breathy vocal snippets lead you in to Chucks vocal speaking of the truth and how were “never gonna stop till the sun comes up” Stabby pads arise to take the track to a higher level, while the percussion drives the groove along to make the track a sure player for djs across the spectrum.

Jevne takes “Yellow Truth” and reworks it in to his Onethirty sound. With some funky bass guitar lines making you bounce the vocal takes over saying “Never gonna stop” Jevne adds swirling and rising synths, and staby organ chords leading in to yet another funky walking bass line that takes the track to the next level. With great energy and killer vibes this remix is a winner!

For the B Side Chuck Love turns out a bumpy house winner. “Hidden Message” is a seriously funky house track that will be played by many djs across the board. Big stabby pads and a bouncy bass line drive the track, while the chopped up female vocal cuts in and out! You wonder what is being said? Hence “Hidden Message” This track has great potential to be played by everyone under the sun!

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