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drifting mind

  1. drifting mind
  2. beats treat
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Onethirty Returns with an amazing release by one of dance music’s most prolific producers Tony Thomas. With well over 200 productions to his name and countless remixes on many major labels, Tony has made the funky tribal tech-house sound what it is today! His production is amazingly versatile, layered and distinct. Tony lays down some seriously smooth tribal-tech-house grooves here for Onethirty. This release also includes an amazing remix by label head Jevne that has been bumpin dance floors for the past few months! “Drifting Mind” is going to be on Tony Thomas’s new mix CD called “Una Opcion 01” due out later this year, showing that Tony himself feels that this is one of his best tracks to date!

Drifting Mind is a smooth tribal house track that has the groove that just wont stop. Tony lays down some of his signature tribal rhythms that we have come to love about his production, Nice smooth shakers, a rolling bass line, and a breathy vocal saying “my mind is drifting” work together with the subtle horns that draw you into the groove. A swooshing synth line works its way in and out to lead to a spacey break down where the horns shine as one of the best parts of "Drifting Mind". The break leaves you hanging on just to bust back into the smooth rolling groove! A truly classy tribal workout from Tony Thomas!

Next up “Beats Treat” where we go for a deep ride on the Tony Thomas Express. Hollow percussive sounds working with punchy claps, little zippy sounds and muted kicks fire up the rhythm. A lush pad and twisted vocal snippets lead you to the rolling bass line that makes “Beats Treat” smooth as butter. Funky little sounds keep your ears interested for when more lush pads layer into the mix as you go deeper in to the groove. As elements fade away leaving you wondering what will happen next, chirping birds and a chill moment take over then out of nowhere your thrown in to a jam that you once thought was deep that now is rocking, without knowing it you realize that you are back in to that smooth groove! “Beats Treat” is great for the early night or for those late hours where the party just won’t stop.

Jevne takes “Beats Treat” and reworks it into one of his best tracks to date. Sporting his Onethirty tribal sound the track takes off and grabs you with the rhythm. Twisting up the original small vocal snippets Jevne uses them to flow with the groove creating a catchy vibe. He brings the punchy pads out to the front to drive the mix while a smooth bass line rolls the track along. A swirly synth rises up and layers in to fill the mid range while a classy piano flutters over the break down calming the vibe just to be released in to the rocking yet smooth jam!

130 D033 - onethirty recordings