the chrome ep

  1. chrome
  2. inner rhythm
  3. sonic voodoo - alan barratt remix
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The title track "Chrome" styles a bouncy bass line with swirling, twisted key patterns building as the track progresses. Tribal percussion drives this jammin track, which also includes a truly memorable vocal hook from J.Thompson asking, "Can you feel this? Can you feel this rhythm?" “Chrome" is a tribal house jam with cross genre appeal, making it an essential pick for Djs across the board.

"Inner rhythm" takes a turn to the darker side of the tribal/progressive world with its heavy rolling bass, echoed out synth stabs and driving tribal percussion. J.Thompson again lays the minimal hook " are the one," while more twisted synth work drops in after the break to create an undeniably original sound!

The final mix on the record features Alan Barratt's remix of Jevne's "Sonic Voodoo." Barratt, known for his widely acclaimed "Zulu Nation" series on Royal Drums as well as numerous other projects and remixes including his production work with Tony Thomas as the "Producers," creates a tribal workout like no other. Dropping his trademark percussion and prime time vibe, Alan really goes all out on this one. With a super funky bass line, building horns and tribal rhythms, "Sonic Voodoo" intensifies to climactic levels as the tension builds and builds-engulfing you until you are blindsided by a seriously funky tribal rocker! Sonic Voodoo was played by Luke Fair on Jon Digweed’s kiss 100 radio show!

130 D033 - onethirty recordings